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Create an X team according to your needs from the demand boxes below. Let Textoni artificial intelligence set up the most amazing content marketing team that works in the language and industry you have chosen. You can start managing your team quickly after your Dashboard is created. While determining the number of content writers, keep in mind that each writer can provide you with a maximum of 8000 words!

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Each writer can provide 8000 words monthly.


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Choose the extra staff to increase the quality in your contents.

SEO Analyst
70 $
Add Editor
70 $
Quality Manager
70 $
Benchmark Analyst
70 $
Content Specialist
300 $
70 $


1 Months
3 Months
%5 discount
6 Months
%7 discount
12 Months
%10 discount
3 x 500 $
Total Amount
1.500 $

X-team Content Quality Standards

The focus of the X-team service is content quality. While creating X-team, the artificial intelligence of Textoni carefully selects the most professional content writers on the platform. Writers and editors who have produced high-quality content in your industry and preferred language will greatly increase the value of your content. However, the content quality standards of the X-team are not only limited to content production. Creative teams that you chose will perform;

These important works will shed the light on the point of observing the efficiency of the content to be created.

X-team Content Marketing Dashboard Management

You can access your dashboard via your account shortly after setting up your X-team Content Marketing team. Your content process will begin with the first brief you give.

Via X-team Content Dashboard;

● You can give a content brief to the writers.

● You can view the content.

● You can create a revision request for the content that you do not find appropriate.

● You can follow the working process of the team.

● You can send instant feedback to team members.

● You can review the plans and reports presented to you by the creative teams.

While a great team built by artificial intelligence carries out all your content marketing work on your behalf, what you only need to do is manage your team!

X-team Freelance Content Team FAQs