Author Panel FAQ

How Do I Sell?

You can sell on by selling Ready-made content or by applying to Content Advertisements. In order to make sales, you must fill in your author profile and bank information accurately and completely.


How can I apply for Content Advertisements?

You can view the advertisements published in the category and sector you want, and complete your application after completing the content production in the determined criteria.


Application Approval / Rejection Process

Advertisers that you apply to choose the author to purchase by viewing all incoming applications in preview mode. If your application is not approved, you can rearrange the content you have produced and put it up for sale on your ready-made writing panel. (You need to make an anonymous article by removing the brand name and information.)


How can I view my applications? You can view your entire application and content process from the "Career" tab in your author panel.


How Does the Ready Text Panel Work?

The Ready-made Writing Panel consists entirely of content that you will independently produce about the subject and sector you choose.

You determine the price of the content you produce, the content you produce related to the agenda or more general sectors will always be in greater demand.


How to Determine the Price of Ready-made Articles?

The price you set for your ready-made articles is entirely at your discretion. There are two different options when determining the price, shared usage and single sale.

Content available for sale in Shared use can be purchased multiple times. Since the content offered for sale as a single sale is purchased only once, its price must be higher than the share sale price.


How Can I Know I've Made a Sale?

In case of approval of your ready-made article sales and content applications, your sales will be sent to you by e-mail with the order code. In order to make more sales, it is useful to follow the content advertisements frequently and to produce ready-made articles frequently.


What Does an Author Score Do?

As an author, the stars you will earn from your customers will carry you to the "Expert Writer" class after a while and will only allow you to see special advertisements for you.


Copyright Transfer

Your copyrights in the ready-made articles and approved content applications that you have sold will now be transferred to the buyer side.



The fee you will receive from the content announcement and the sale of ready-made text will be deposited to the IBAN number in your profile within 15 working days, deducting the service fee.