Customer Panel

Is the actual Job Posting Given?

After creating a customer record, you can use the "Create Content Posting" panel by logging in.

Any topic title, keywords, subheadings etc. You can fill in the fields and create your ad by specifying a minimum price of 20 $.


What Do Additional Services Do?

By making use of the additional services offered to you while creating your content advertisement, you can determine the quality and speed of the applications received for your content request.

Posts published in the "Urgent Postings" panel are shown to the authors who create content the fastest.

Ads published in the "Featured Ads" panel ensure that your brand attracts attention in the ad pool.

Only the highest rated authors can view and apply for your "Expert Writer" content posting.

"Hidden Advertisement" Your brand name will not appear in the content advertisements you will place on behalf of your brand.


How Many Days Does My Ad Stay Published?

Applications will begin to arrive within 15 days from the successful submission of your content posting.

For the advertisements for which applications are not received within 15 days, the advertisement amount, excluding the service fee, will be refunded and removed.

It will be up to you to approve or disapprove the content after the application is received for your ad.


How can I choose among the applications received?

You can view the applications received for your ad by going to the "My Active Ads" option from the "My Ads" menu on your panel.

You can view the applications received in your ad in a censored manner for security reasons and approve whatever you want. You have now purchased the content you approved.


Ready Text Panel How does it work?

The ready-made writing panel consists of content written by content producers on their own initiative, according to the agenda and areas of expertise, in order to save you time.

By viewing the ready-made text you want to buy in preview mode, you can buy it shared or just for you.



You must forward your invoice request for the content you purchased to the author from whom you purchased the content.